Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome to the Healing Energy Community

Welcome to this site, a home where the intention to heal has a place to nest and thrive. A place designed to honor our leaders, patients, family, friends and colleagues who are dealing with health challenges. I wear many hats as I walk my day, and in my role as Executive Director of the AANP I am acutely aware of the struggles and health challenges many of our own naturopathic family face. And through the work of my master’s program in Applied Healing Arts, I have learned that being a healing presence in the world can take many forms – including that of words. Through the teachings of all the wisdom traditions I have come to realize that separation from one another, from the earth, and from spirituality simply need not be, and certainly does not serve. Ergo, this blog – a watering hole for an out pouring of healing power from community for community.

This is a community trained to serve as a healing force, and to understand there is no separation of mind, body and spirit. Referencing the Earth Goddess in each of us is designed to further inspire our rediscovery of balance in life, and connection to the Universe. There is no exclusion of belief, nor promotion of religion intended. All beliefs, ideals, philosophies and expressions will be inclusive and supportive. My hope is that this effort stands to give life and voice to service for the sake of oneness, so that we can collectively support the health and welfare of our leaders, our families and the world at large.

We do not know what form the site will take, nor the breadth of the messages. I expect that at the conclusion of our effort we will have a page that will serve many more that originally intended. This is a labor of love, for which I can only create space to occur. From there it will flow with its own life. Imagine what will transpire with this sharing.

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